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April 06, 2015

Make your customers buy, what you want them to buy !!!

by Vijay Rajanna

Don't blame yourself for being an impulse buyer, nor question your willpower for easily heeding  to those alluring advertisements that trick you into buying stuffs even when you don't need one. Needless to say, vendors with their marketing strategies, backed up by research,  know how to make you buy what they want you to buy. It's simple: marketing strategies bet on the fragile human psychology that is susceptive to manipulations; they win most of the time. Unless you are mindful of your actions, you are, in all likelihood, an easy victim.

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March 28, 2015

Distributed Human Computer Interaction - What? and Why?

How long has it been since you successfully completed a task like document editing or software assisted computation, etc., working on a computer while being not interrupted/distracted by the digital noise? By Digital Noise, I meant all those feeble beeps, flashing notifications on your cell phone, tablet or any other gadget of modern innovation. For me, such an experience of uninterrupted work while being insulated from digital noise dates back to 5 to 10 in the past. There was a time, when a) internet connectivity was a luxury, b) mobile phones were affordable only by classes any higher than the upper middle-class society, and c) the word "Wearable Device" was not a cliche.

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March 18, 2015

Live Visualization of Gaze Points from Eye Tribe Eye Tracker

When I started working with C++ interface for Eye Tribe (Eye Tracker) I didn't find any example to visualize gaze points Live. However, there are example programs which print GazeData onto console. Hence, I decided to write a wrapper around C++ interface for Eye Tribe to visualize gaze data on a simple console application.

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