Professional Experience

Experience Summary.

  • Over eight years of industry experience working for research and development firms. Most of my projects span across the domains of HCI, intelligent systems, machine learning, and data analytics.
  • Expertise in Human-Computer Interaction, specifically in developing multi-modal interaction methods.
  • Extensive experience in eye tracking research for gaze-assisted interaction and data analytics.
  • Experience in predictive analytics (machine learning) using eye movements data applied to the domains of education, economics, and cognitive psychology.
  • Activity recognition, gesture recognition, and sketch recognition using data from wearable sensors.
  • Expertise in designing and conducting user studies for system evaluation (quantitative and qualitative), performing statistical analysis, and hypotheses testing through parametric and non-parametric methods.
  • Interaction modeling and evaluation through Fitts’ Law on desktops, large displays, and in virtual reality.
  • Gaze-assisted interaction in virtual reality: the impact of interface design, selection method, and motion.
  • Developed a gaze and foot-based interaction framework to achieve accurate "point and click" interactions and to perform dwell-free text entry on computers.
  • Developed a gaze gesture-based framework for user authentication to counter shoulder surfing attacks and to interact with a wide range of computer applications using a common repository of eye gestures.
  • Computer vision: implemented image processing algorithms for "Machine Vision" systems, deployed as industrial inspection systems.
  • Developed Optical Character Recognition system by specifically implementing an intelligent algorithm for "Image Segmentation and classification.”
  • Enabling platform portability and multicore scaling of Vision Algorithms on real-time architectures.
  • Good understanding of the Windows Programming Architecture and Object Oriented concepts.
  • Expertise in System Programming and Application Development using C++, Qt framework, Win32 API, Borland C++, VCL, C# .Net, Symbian C++, Python, R, HTML, OpenVG, OpenCV, FFMpeg, OpenGL, Bluetooth Stack, LabVIEW, LabWindows, and Android Programming.

Sensel, R&D, Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Projects Touch Tracking, Force Sensing, and Haptics Solutions
Language, Tools and Environment C, C++, Python, C#  .NET, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux
Description I am responsible for conducting research and development toward inventing solutions for human interface design to create and improve the world’s most advanced touch technology. My research has been focusing on building core competencies of Sensel in the areas of accurate force sensing, precise touch tracking, and creating rich haptic experiences. I work cross-functionally with engineering and design teams to integrate these novel technologies into consumer electronic devices such as laptop touchpads, automotive interactive surfaces, gaming peripherals, virtual reality, and so on.
Roles and Responsibility
  • Develop new algorithms to enhance touch and sensor performance across a variety of hardware and use-cases.
  • Apply image processing, machine learning and related techniques to interpret low-level sensor data
  • Develop and evaluate new user experience concepts and prototypes that showcase Sensel’s force-sensing touch technology.
  • Design and run user studies to set target accuracy and sensitivity metrics.
  • Operate at all levels of software stack, from firmware to end-user applications.
  • Build diagnostic tools and test infrastructure to streamline sensor development.
  • Develop automated software and robotic sensor tests to validate quality of algorithm output.
  • Customize software builds to support new devices, form-factors, and prototypes.

National Instruments, R&D, Bangalore. India

Title Machine Vision Development Module
Language, Tools and Environment C, C++, C#  .NET, LabVIEW, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux, VxWorks
Description This project involves the development of image processing algorithms for "Machine Vision" systems. Further, it also involves Platform Portability and Multi-coring of Vision Algorithms on various real-time architectures.
Roles and Responsibility
  • Pursue research and development in distinctive machine vision application areas.
  • Platform portability and Multi-coring of Vision Algorithms.
  • Developing API interfaces for various programming frameworks (technologies) to leverage the functionalities of vision development module

Title Computer Vision - Optical Character Recognition
Language, Tools and Environment C, C++, C# .NET, LabVIEW, Visual Studio, Windows, Linux, VxWorks
  • This project involves the development of algorithms for "Optical Character Recognition" (OCR) system for robotics and industrial applications.
  • The OCR module implements intelligent algorithms for Thresholding, Segmentation, and Classification to enable optical character recognition.
Roles and Responsibility I have developed algorithms for character Segmentation based on various heuristics.
I implemented Shortest Path Graph Cut algorithm to make character Segmentation process smart enough to resolve complicated cases involving Merged characters, Low-intensity images, Broken characters,  and Multiline detection etc.

NOKIA R&D, Bangalore. India

Title FlashLite 4.x plugin for Qt Browser on Qt Webkit
Language, Tools and Environment Qt Framework, Qt C++, Symbian C++, Carbide.c++, SVN, Rational Synergy and Rational Change. Symbian^3
  • This project involves the development of Qt FlashLite Plugin for Nokia Qt Browser on Qt Webkit.
  • The FlashLite Plugin enables video playback from Web-video sites like YouTube, Google videos, etc.
Roles and Responsibility
  • Research and development towards implementing Adobe Flash Player on Symbian platform.
  • Working closely with "Adobe," I implemented Qt Flash plugin for browsers, starting from an idea to a prototype, and to the complete product.
  • Worked extensively on the development of Gesture Recognition module, and implemented an algorithm to improve web page scrolling performance by exchanging bitmaps with browser rendering engine and switching between software and hardware rendering modes appropriately.

Title Implementation of FlashLite 4.x plugin and Flash Player on Symbian^3
Language, Tools and Environment Symbian C++, Carbide.C++, SVN, Rational Synergy.
  • This project involves the development of FlashLite 4 plugin and Flash Player on Symbian^3 platform that enables video playback from Web-video sites like YouTube, Google videos, etc.
  • This work implements a stand-alone flash player that enables playback of flash video and audio files.
Roles and Responsibility
  • Research and development towards implementing Adobe Flash Player on Symbian^3 platform.
  • Worked on the development of standalone flash player with hardware rendering capabilities.

Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Bangalore. India

Title Measure Data Analyzer (MDA)
Language, Tools and Environment VC++, Borland C++, VCL, COM Programming on Window 2000/XP and Vista
Description Measure Data Analyzer (MDA) software is an offline Calibration and signal analysis tool for displaying and analyzing saved measurement data of various engine parameters of a vehicle.
Roles and Responsibility
  • I implemented different ways to visualize every minute data and developed algorithms to interpolate and extrapolate the missing data
  • To enable calibration engineers to share and discuss their analysis, I developed an intuitive print layout editor, that generates the output of analysis in the form of vectorized images which maintain integrity even at the highest zoom level.

NDS Private India Limited, Bangalore, India [Acquired by CISCO]

Title Game Studio
Language, Tools and Environment C# .NET programming on Window 2000/XP
Description Game Studio is a Set-top box application that generates huge virtual 3D canvas for games which run on Set-Top box.
Roles and Responsibility Defining use cases, design, implementation, and testing.